Samabriva is a new member
of France BioLead

France BioLead welcomes Samabriva as its newest member.
SAMABRIVA is delighted to have been asked to join France BioLead which represents French biomanufacturing. France BioLead brings together and supports key players in the sector. Their ambition is to make the country a leader in European biomanufacturing by accelerating the development of industrial facilities and technological innovations.

The announcement highlights our capabilities and contribution:
Samabriva is a plant-based biotechnology company that has successfully developed a proprietary bioproduction platform. It’s already being used by the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries to manufacture natural pharmaceutical active ingredients (APIs). The Samabriva team has developed an innovative process that uses hairy root cell culture. These roots are capable of producing the same molecules as a whole plant but can be grown in a confined, sterile environment (bioreactors ). They can also be genetically engineered to increase productivity. Compared to current production methods, this process substantially reduces the environmental impact.

Producing these types of molecules in a controlled manner and at scale is almost impossible due to the climate in Europe. Factor in current geopolitical instability and the threats posed by the climate emergency, and it’s easy to see why this technology is such a valuable asset. Samabriva will not only play a key role in making Europe self sufficient in the production of APIs, they’ll also help France become the European leader in biomolecule production.