Who we are

Samabriva is a plant-based biotechnology company that has successfully developed an automated, proprietary bioproduction system available to companies who want to produce high-value molecules including natural molecules from plants and recombinant proteins.

The platform combines the advantages of plant-based systems (low cost, safe, serum- and animal-free) with traditional bioproduction in large-scale bioreactors to offer continuous, reliable and environmentally sustainable manufacture of a wide range of high value molecules all year round, in any location.

Scientific research - Samabriva - Bioproduction of hairy root

Why we exist

Currently it is difficult to create natural molecules from plants in a way that’s both scalable and sustainable. These molecules are mainly obtained by growing plants in fields, but the process of extracting them only yields very small amounts from each plant. For example, producing just 1 gram of vinblastine for chemotherapy requires half a ton of dry leaves from the Madagascar periwinkle (Catharanthus roseus), which makes the process both expensive and environmentally unfriendly.

Creating recombinant proteins is complex, costly and difficult to produce a final product that is contaminant free. These proteins are usually produced using either bacterial (Escherichia coli) or mammalian (usually Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO)) cell cultures. These bioproduction systems are complex and expensive. Mammalian cell cultures often use animal-derived media, which means that the final product must be thoroughly purified to prevent any risk of virus or prion transmission.

As the demand for these high-value molecules continues to grow, there is a growing need to produce them at scale, in a cost-effective, more controlled and environmentally sustainable way.

Our team

Management team

Marina Guillet - Samabriva

Marina Guillet


Chief executive officer

A biotech entrepreneur with extensive hands-on experience in the biotechnology industry. Responsible for the creation of companies such as TcLand Expression, Effimune-OSE (Euronext:OSE), and Thabor Tx. Previous management positions include CEO, CSO and management of an ISO17025 accredited laboratory.

Florian Cardon - Samabriva

Florian Cardon


Chief business officer

10 years of experience in developing complex molecules across various expression systems. A laureate of Choiseul Hauts de France, a prestigious award that recognizes promising young economic talent. Previously served as the COO of Samabriva, which provided invaluable experience in managing complex operations.

Board of Directors

Alain Huriez - Samabriva

Alain Huriez

MD, co-founder of the company, Alain brings 30-years of experience in the biotech industry. Serial entrepreneur and Business Angel, he was Vice President at IQVIA, CEO of Neovacs, TcLand- Effimune, and former chairman of Orphalan. Alain is a VC investor since 2012 and is currently Managing Partner at AdBio Partners and a Venture Partner at Advent Life Sciences.

Georges Freyssinet - Samabriva

Georges Freyssinet

20 years at the University before joining Rhône Poulenc (RP) Agro then Scientific Advisor for Life Sciences to the RP group. A former CEO of RhoBio, a Joint Venture between RP Agro and Biogemma, former founder and CEO of LemnaGene, Scientific Director of the Limagrain Group, and CEO at Genective with extensive expertise in plant biotechnologies.

Didier Argentin - Samabriva

Didier Argentin

More than 20 years of expertise in leading the business development of bioproduction companies. Former CBO of Henogen, and Novasep. Didier has also been the former CBO, co-founder and board member of MasTherCell (acquired by Catalent in Feb 2020 for $315M) and the founder and CEO of SynAbs. He is the current head of BD of Quantoom Bioscience and business advisor to Exothera, both affiliates of Univercells.